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1. How do I use your Quick Quote & Design/Order Tools?


Our online tools are an excellent way for you to find what garment, decoration process, and quantity best suits your needs & budget. You can quickly find pricing in the Instant Quote tool (video below) and upload or create your design in our Design/Order tool to get more specific pricing and finialise your preliminary order. Ensure that you are logged in for correct pricing. 

NOTE: Orders self processed online are often applicable for discounts. See our header for the current code to be used at checkout.



We recommend starting the process on our get started page, which helps you quickly find the right product/s for your projects. 



(only takes a few clicks)

This is a great resource to quickly check the difference in cost for different processes and order quantities. 

 **NOTE: If you ever want advice on what may suit your needs best E.g. garment, decoration method, quantities, please supply us as much information as possible and we will ensure to give you our best advice :)

How to use the Instant Quote tool: VIDEO LINK



(Payment not required at checkout - we manually send payment requests after reviewing your order)

 **NOTE: Please see the the specific alterations that may apply (Listed in the '?' button in the designer)

How to upload your designs and use the online designer/ordering tool:  VIDEO LINK



2. I need something printed ASAP! Can you help me?


We sure can!

If we can get all the order details and designs locked down as soon as possible, we will endeavor to help you meet your deadline. These types of jobs can incur an additional charge to cover overtime and Express delivery. We will inform you of these at the time of quotation.

Call us ASAP to discuss your options.


3. How do I know what process is best suited to my needs?


Each design, garment purpose and garment type and order quantity can be better suited toward different processes. Below are some general guidelines. 

If you would like our expert advice, GET IN TOUCH and let us know what you will be using the items for along with as much detail of the print and garment that you have in mind . 



More than 3 colours in your design and under 30pcs total

Unlimited colours in your design with no change in price

Moderate durability required

Lots of colour/blends and under 75pcs total

Designs up to 40cm High

 - Only suitable for 100% cotton & AS Colour fleece



Super durability required

Bulk order of 30-50pcs & more

Designs up to and over 40cm high. 

Cotton, Fleece and other fiber contents required. 

Sleeve printing

Fine detail

Blends & Photo designs are printable (The designer will default to flat colours).




More than 10pcs per design

Bulletproof durability required.

Simple artwork (no blends or very fine detail)

If your design is less more than 4 colours and less than 30pcs on 100% cotton items, DTG will be the most cost effective option. 

Nylon, waterproof coated or headwear apparel required. 



4. Where are you located?


We operate under an online based infrastructure, which allows us to keep costs down and prices as sharp as possible without sacrificing quality or service.
Your order will be shipped via our large network of friendly couriers out of our Melbourne locations. 
We are unable to assist with a storefront or to facilitate pickups but can arrange samples and provide information for showrooms available of the brands that we wholesale. 



5. Are we able to supply our own items for decoration?


Our business model is structured on garment wholesale & decoration of bulk orders, so we are unable to help with supplied garments. In combination with our wholesale garments, our moq's and prices are in place to offer the best quality and sharpest prices for bulk orders. 
We are official wholesalers of a few dozen brands that we supply. 99% of the time our clients find that it is much more affordable and streamlined for us to supply & decorate than other alternatives. The brands that we work with are also specifically made for decoration, so this also allows for better consistency & quality control.

Below is a link to the main brands that we offer, the top few typically cover most orders. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please email us with images and any additional information and we will find the best match for your needs. 



6. How do I find out how much my order will cost?


There are many aspects that define what the final price per unit will be.  Some of these variables include, quantities, garment choice and colour, fibre content, colours to be printed, complexity of design, print size and location. We have extremely useful Instant Quote & an Online Design/Ordering system that can help you find what is the best fit for you (More info on how to use these in the question below). 

However, if you can send us your design/ideas and some information, we are more than happy to supply you with a concise and obligation free quote.

NOTE: If you ever want advice on what may suit your needs best E.g. garment, decoration method, quantities, please supply us as much information as possible and we will ensure to give you our best advice :)

If you cannot find what you are looking for with our online tools, please submit a a 'Free Quote' request with as much detail as possible.


7. Is there a minimum order for Screen Printing?


We have a minimum print charge of 30pcs. This is to keep the unit price at an affordable rate for you.

The 30pcs can be made up of different garment sizes, colour and styles as long as the print remains the same

We offer heavy discounts at quantites of 50+, 100+, 200+ and so on. So the more you order, the more you save!


8. How long will my order take?


Our standard turnaround for most processes including Screen Printing, Embroidery, Patches & labels is ~10 working days (+ Delivery) from artwork approval and receipt of payment.

We can often complete orders faster, so get in touch and we'll do our best to help you (This sometimes costs a little more).


9. What file type do you recommend I supply for my design? 



MANUAL PROCESSING (BULK ONLY):  AI, PDF, or alternatively PSD, TIF, JPG, PNG - RESOLUTION: Ideally 200-300+dpi at the desired print size, or in vector format

NOTES (AI, PDF, EPS, PSD, SVG only):  Convert all text to outlines/curves, & embed all links.

TIPS: Designs created initially on a transparent background work best. Supply in layers if created this way. 


10. What is the difference between DTG & Screen printing?  


- 30pcs MOQ per design

- The greatest washability

- Typically becomes the most affordable option at 30-50+pcs

- Priced per colour. A screen is required per colour and position ($50ea +gst) [underbase white required for non white garments]. These are 100% waived for repeat orders within 6 months of the previous, and discounted to $20ea (+gst) per screen thereafter. So repeat orders are considerably cheaper than DTG. 

- Underbase white screens required ($50+gst) for printing colours on non white garments for the smoothest, most durable and vibrant print.  - Suitable for printing on most fabric types  - Suitable for printing on most fabric types

- Ability to print neon colours and special effect inks such metallic gold/silver- Gradient and Photographic printing technique achievable with halftone dots for an additional $15 +gst per screen. Typically recommended at 50-100+pcs. 

- Max print size of up to 55cm on some garments.

- No MOQ (online only)

- Good washability

- No setup fees

- Not priced per colour, so it's a great option for orders that have more than a few colours and are under 30-50pcs.

- High resolution prints- Colours are within the  CMYK colour space, so colour bright colours often look similar to a high quality Desktop printer on standard paper. 

- Cannot reproduce neon colours, or special effect colours such as metallic gold/silver.- Only truly suited to 100% Cotton fabric (AS Colour fleece is an exception)

- Max. print size is also limited to 40cm High.


11. What is Screen Printing?  


From 25-10,000 prints. Most designs are suitable to be screen printed, however if your design contains a lot of colours and is a smaller quantity (25-50pcss) DTG may be a better option.

State of the art machinery and the highest quality materials  ensures that our Screen Printing is of the highest quality and is very durable.

We have a number of ink options including our standard Plastisol, Waterbase, Discharge, Metallics & Special effects. This is the most cost effective method for 25-50+pcs for minimumal colours and is discounted per order quantity.

Maximum print size is: 40cm x 60cm (Can vary depending on the smallest garment size and the design itself)


12. What is DTG printing?


This process is fantastic for orders that contain a lot of colours or are photographic where a bulkd run is not required.

Our State of the art DTG printer can achieve incredible detail. DTG printing is ideally suitable for 100% Cotton garments.

Maximum print size is: 35cm x 40cm (Can vary depending on the smallest garment size and the design itself)

NOTE: DTG prints do not have the same durability or brightness as a screen print and the print finish on dark garments is not quite as nice, but it is a great option for when screen printing is not viable. 


13. What is Embroidery? 


Embroidery is a fantastic option for workwear and apparel that need extreme durability.

Our minimum per order is 10pcs (Online self service) or 20pcs (Our manual quoting).


14. How many colours can you Screen Print?


We can screen print up to 10 colours. The number of colours viable to print will depend on your total order quantity. If you have a lot of colours and only require a small amount of pieces, after discussing your needs, we may guide you toward one of our other processes that will be more suitable, like DTG or our premium transfers.


15. What type of finishing/extra options do you offer


We offer a number of options to take your apparel to the next level and give it that extra professional touch.


Delabeling (Remove manufacturers branded label)

[MOQ: 50pcs]


Relabeling (Remove manufacturers branded label and replace it with your custom labels) (We also supply these)

[MOQ: 50pcs]


Custom woven labels (inner neck label, hem label, pip label) (We also supply these)

[MOQ: 100pcs]


Custom satin neck labels (Inner neck label) (We also supply these)

[MOQ: 100pcs]


Custom woven Patches (Caps, jackets, jumper) (We also supply these!)

[MOQ: 100pcs]


Direct inner neck prints (All printed with our standard neutral grey ink)

[MOQ: 100pcs]


Individual Fold & Bag

[MOQ: 50pcs]


Attach customer supplied swing tag

[MOQ: 50pcs]


16. What info do I need to supply to receive a Screen Printing quote?


There are a list of details that we will need to accurately configure a price for your print.

The details we require can be located in our ‘FREE QUOTE’ form.

If you are not sure about some of these, it’s ok. We are here to help you get the best results possible and will walk you through the process. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@blastink.com.au or call us on 03 9007 0479


17. I have paid for screen printing setups, does this mean I own the film and screens?


No, it does’t. The costing allowed for screen set-up is directly related to the labour and materials that it takes to take a design from a digital file to print. It does not include the purchase of the film or the screen itself.

Used screens are held for a certain period and then reclaimed (recycled) and reused for other orders. If you have paid for a setup for a previous order and re-order within 6 months, setup fees are waived. This means a cheaper total for your 2nd print run. After the 6 month period, setup costs are charged at a discounted rate :)


Still have more questions? Get in touch, we are happy to help! 

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