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Premium Screen Printed Apparel

From simple single colour logos to oversize multicolour designs we can produce high quality garments from budget promotional T-shirts to high end fashion garments.


High-Quality Screen Printing in Melbourne

At Blast ink, we employ the traditional Silk Screening (Screen Printing) process with new-age techniques. Orders are produced with state-of-the-art equipment, the highest quality inks and stringent quality control, to ensure that your prints are the highest quality, bright, vibrant and extremely durable.

Suitable for small orders of 30 units (of the same design) up to several thousand. We offer incredible discounts at 50, 100, 200 etc. (The more you order, the more you save!)
This premium but affordable Screen Printing process works hand in hand with the diverse range of high-quality products that we wholesale to you, ranging from premium fashion down to promotional.
A diverse range of customers from large international brands/bands to small social groups trust us to supply them with our exceptional screen-printing services.
For durable printing that will look great up until the day the garment is ready to retire, our custom t-shirt (Screen) printing is the right option.

For consistent colour results, we very accurately match PMS (Pantone) colours free of charge as our standard. Pantone is the world standard colour matching system. If you or your designer have not yet selected a PMS colour, we automatically select the closest match for you.


If you are looking for t-shirt printing in Melbourne or Australia wide, delivered to your door, work with us on your next project. You won’t be disappointed and will join our robust list of loyal customers.


Some of the ink styles that we offer:

  • Plastisol ink – The most durable and brightest prints (Resulting in excellent detail)
  • Waterbase ink – Very soft and breathable (Perfect for light coloured garments)
  • Discharge ink – The softest feeling prints on dark garments (Does have limitations in repeatability/inconsistency and only works on 100% cotton fabric)
  • Metallic ink – Gold, Gold Shimmer, Silver
  • Specialty inks – Glow in the dark, High density, Suede, Puff


Some of the printing styles that we offer:

  • Spot colour – Simple designs with no shading
  • Simulated Process – Photographic designs (Extremely high detail and bright colours)
  • 4 Colour Process – Photographic designs (Very high detail with moderate brightness, some designs are more suitable than others)
  • Distressed/Vintage – Supply your design with texture over it (easily found online) is a great way to give your artwork or logo a worn and fashionable finish.


We also offer several additional finishing services to take your business or brand apparel that extra professional touch.

Some of the finishing extras that we offer:

  • Relabeling [MOQ 50pcs] – Replacing the manufacturer’s neck label with your custom branding (We supply a variety of woven and printed labels we or can sew your labels)
  • Label Sewing [MOQ 50pcs] – Sewing inner neck labels, pip labels and hem labels – (We can produce labels to any specification to suit your needs, ranging from woven to printed, or we can sew your supplied labels)
  • Inner Neck Printing & Transfers [MOQ 100pcs] – Screen Print your branding directly to the inside of the garment in our neutral grey ink (MOQ: 100pcs). We can also supply and heat press transfers for other options.
  • Folding & Bagging [MOQ 50pcs] – Each garment is neatly folded and bagged individually, ready immediately for sale
  • Swing tag apply [MOQ 50pcs] – Attach your supplied swing tags to your garments before bagging


    If you require something that is not listed above, we can still likely help you achieve what you are looking for.
    Get in touch; we’d love to help!




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