PREMIUM FULL COLOUR Stubby Holders in Melbourne


@50pcs: $295
@100pcs: $480
@200pcs: $790
@500pcs:  $1,725
@1,000pcs:  $3,300

Personalised names: ADD $0.65c ea

- 2 week turnaround time.


(Exlc. GST & delivery)



Stubby holders are an ideal way to keep your drink cold. Today, most of the holders can fit over a wide range of common drink bottle sizes. Stubby holders started out as a novelty item that attracted a lot of appeal due to their surprising functionality. However, as time has gone by people have introduced their creativity to make stubby holders, into a powerful and effective promotional tool.


Branded stubby holders can go a long way in marketing a company. This is because stubby holders are capable of introducing a brand, in a way that is friendly and approachable. Furthermore, bottles and mugs are cost efficient and functional items that are used in common day to day life. This makes custom printed stubby holders an excellent canvas for any brand's message. Using custom stubby holders in Melbourne correctly, can increase brand awareness and desire. Due to promotional mugs and bottles becoming a common piece of promotional items in Australia, stubby holders in Melbourne have become a novel and unusual way to promote a brand in such a way that it can be remembered for a long time. The advantages of custom printed stubby holders for your brand cannot be overstated.


A Promotional Item With Value

A common drawback with advertising, or even a sales pitch is their obtrusive nature, that tends to put off a large number of customers. Promotional products should be something that the customer can identify with utility and functionality, forcing the customer to see your brand name all over the promotional product that they need to use every day. Warm beverages like coffee, or even cold beverages like lattes, have become a part of any individual's life, whether they work in an office or stay at home. As such, stubby holders can offer a higher level of functionality with a friendly form of promotions that a customer will always appreciate.


Promotional products are known to be powerful tools in marketing as they tend to stick around in the minds of the consumer especially when it comes to the brand message, or even the call to action.

When you use personalised stubby holders in Melbourne, you are not only giving the customer a functional item that they will look at multiple times in a day, but also one that will be noticed by other people in their vicinity. Any time a potential prospect will work on brewing up a hot beverage, your branding is effectively on display for other people to see. This enables stubby holders to provide a powerful boost when it comes to brand recognition.


If you need stubby holders in Melbourne, then look no further than Blast-Ink. We create custom stubby holders in Melbourne at highly affordable rates for our clients and you can be assured that every single custom product made by us is extremely high in quality. For the best personalised stubby holders in Melbourne, we've got you covered. 


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